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Rob Lawson is an experienced digital marketing consultant. He learned his craft with technology firms as the Internet took off. Working with large Content Management System providers like Vignette and Documentum, Rob saw the potential for digital marketing and starting his consulting practice in 2002.

While many things have changed, especially the jargon, terminology, and some of the outlets, one fact has still remained the same; most companies talk too much about themselves and not about what the customer needs or how they can benefit the customer. The businesses who engage the user with relevant content will win. That's what a good digital marketing consultant should, and will tell you – and we just did.

In the early 2000’s we called this kind of marketing the use of customer language. Today, it's still the same thing with a dozen different names. For example, it might be in a different form on Instagram these days (images and video), but it’s the same principal. Technology has improved, we can deliver websites to mobile phones, we have apps for almost everything. Social Media was not heard of back when we started. A good digital marketing consultant knows how to use them all and which ones are used by your specific audience to better channel your marketing energies.

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The Rob Lawson Team

The Rob Lawson team is comprised of early adopters. We try out most new platforms and apps to see how they work, and more importantly, how they might apply to our clients. We engage numerous demographics, young and old, to see how they use technology, how they go about the buyers journey. Plus, there is a stack of research available from Forrester, Gartner, Harvard and hundreds of thought leaders on as many subjects. Good digital marketing consultants use this research, not just point to it. They engage with every demographic, not just define them. With Rob Lawson, what you get is a team of people who always come from a position of care. Care for our client and the outcomes they seek. However, we are not for everyone, we know what our ideal client looks like. You have identified digital marketing as a must have for your business and you want it done properly. You are ambitious, you are decisive. You know you can’t do everything yourself and have no desire to. Good leaders build great teams to support them, and know their limitations. You appreciate knowing the big picture but will be bored if we tell you too much detail. You are not a pushover, but are loyal once a new partner gains your trust. We love working with people like you! Our relationship will be intense to start with, but it needs to be that way as we learn about you and your customers. Then we will keep an eye on things from a distance once control of things is handed over to you and your team. As a good digital marketing consultant firm, we won't do that until we have trained your team to do everything they need to do to best serve your customers.

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