Rob Lawson | Digital Strategy for 2019
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Digital Strategy for 2019

Digital Strategy for 2019

  1. Look at what you’ve got! Digital Assets that bring about sales. Digital assets that help run the business. How proficient are your staff with Technology – get them to self-assess; beginner, intermediate, advanced or trainer level on each application you guys use. Perhaps have their team members critique this assessment or modify each others ratings as a group.
  2. Where do you want the business to go in 2019, what are your objectives.
  3. Break the year into the 4 quarters – start listing some outcomes you want to achieve against your objectives; do these by quarter.

Here is a Table of Contents of a Detailed Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy Table of Contents

1. Summary

23. Editorial Calendar

2. Company Overview

24. Digital Objectives and KPI’s - Analytics

3. Market Analysis

25. Facebook Advertising

4. Competitive Analysis

26. Instagram Advertising

5. Digital Footprint

27. Linkedin Advertising

6. Industry Sector – A Quick Overview

28. Twitter Advertising

7. Trends worth Tracking

29. Recommended Themes

8. Unique Selling Points of Product / Service Offered

30. Competitions

9. Business Objectives and Digital Goals

31. Blog

10. Current and Potential Customers

32. Sample Blog Topics

11. New Product Initiatives

33. Improve Impact of Blog by adding Google Rich Snippets

12. Market Positioning

34. Optomising for SEO

13. Positioning Map

35. Distribution for Blog

14. Buyer Personas

36. Email Marking / Marketing Automation

15. Mapping Buyer Personas to Digital Channels

37. KPI’s for email marketing

16. Current Marketing

38. Youtube Strategy

17. Website Strategy

39. Youtube Advertising

19. Digital Advertising Strategy

40. Overall Budget

20. Pay Per Click Advertising

41. Implementation Plan

21. Remarketing Advertising

22. Social Media Strategy

Facebook Strategy

Instagram Strategy

Linkedin Strategy

Twitter Strategy


I often get asked to help with a specific tactic by business owners. Can you do a Facebook Campaign? However, without the solid building blocks of a Digital Strategy, we are just trying to travel upstream without a paddle. Please take the time to consider the questions behind each of the headings above. If you don’t know the answers, do some research, engage someone outside of your business like us. We’ll chart the right course and same you bundles over the long run. Marketing is a journey – not an event.