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Facebook Competitor Ad Research Hack

Just like a heads up on how to check out what your competitors are up to on Facebook. So let's type in here Qantas Australia go to the Qantas Facebook page, see down here on the bottom left we've got info and ads; in here you will see all the current ads that Qantas is running see if it's image ads or video ads plenty of stuff going on there at Qantas. So if you're a competitor in the aviation spaceship maybe gonna put in Virgin Australia on their Facebook page and then again find info and ads at the bottom left and sure enough there are static ads, video ads that Virgin are running on Facebook at a moment. Type in Tiger Air Australia and you find their company Facebook page; you could go to someone's website and just link off straight to their Facebook page rather than doing a search as well, so then we go in info and ads again you'll see their static ads get they're pushing out and the reason they’ve got a duplication is possibly different audiences they're trying to target and also it's interesting to note they run a video which you can you can play the sound if you want instead of just a static hero image so interesting there to see the difference between that and the other competitors. So if you went to to Qantas on your search and go the home page from there ad and finde their social links that go back to the same page; by the way I find it fascinating that they only put it in the footer; I like to see them up top right so it's really easy when you get to the home page to get to social account. That's just my preference. So there you go, if you're interested in finding out what your competitors are up to on Facebook - now its only going to show the ones that are active at the at the time so you need to go back often but what we tend to do is go in here and take copies of these and build up a bit of an archive to see what the market is up to so if create your ads on your own you can see what everyone else's doing so you can out do them if its an offer just understand how you position yourself and what you gonna do; I hope you found this helpful