Rob Lawson | Customer Journey | It is not the same for everyone
How Positive is the Customer Journey with Your Business

Discovery / Awareness
Consideration / Purchase
Retention / Repurchase
Make your Business

Customer Journey - Discovery

How do we establish customer need? Usually a customer does this for themselves and they are looking for a solution when they begin the customer journey. At other times there are thing they don’t know they need, like cheaper car travel (Uber); and impulse purchases like clothing via remarketing, discount sites like Groupon, etc. The need might warrant further discovery, a new car ad gets you looking at lots of car models, or bad CRM software gets your team searching for something new. This is all part of the Discovery phase of the customer journey. The major thing for a company to do here is to ensure that customers can find all the information they need whether from a website, social media presence, live chat or robust online community.

Customer Journey - Consideration

There may even be other requirements that need to be filled on a customer journey. A customer may need to save up for the purchase at a later date, need to set up a new payment method, or real life gets in the way and they have to pause their journey. There are a number of reasons why you may not purchase immediately, and just as many which might encourage you to act right now. This is all part of the consideration phase of the customer journey. Once again, websites, eCommerce, live chat, and great digital marketing strategy all help here.

Customer Journey - Retention

Depending on your experience, are you inclined to deal with this company again, for the same product, and/or a different product? What is your buying habit for this type of product or service? Is it subscription based or a once off? Has the experience been beneficial and positive? That's the crux of the Retention phase of the customer journey. A great experience with a product they need from a company they trust. This is the reason to over deliver as often as you can. That helps you retain customers and make them repeat buyers.

Customer Journey - Loyalty

Is this the type of product, service or company you could be loyal too? Did they help you out in a crisis, did they go beyond what you expected? Does using the product or service give you immense pleasure or satisfaction? Does it make your life or work easier? Does it benefit you financially? These are all factors that customers consider in the Loyalty phase of the customer journey. This is where a company should still touch base with customers, whether through blog subscriptions, email newsletters, or post-purchase surveys. Showing that you value them and their business makes them more likely to remain loyal to yours, especially when they've have a positive experience already.