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Align Digital Strategy with Business Goals for Desired Results

Based on sound research, your new digital strategy will provide you with the confidence to engage with digital marketing, to defend against the Digital Disruptor or to be that disruptor yourself.

Too often we see businesses go it on their own without fully understanding the digital landscape, or without a digital strategy. That generally ends up badly and we often here “we've tried that and it didn't work for us,” but that doesn't mean it can't and won't.

Define Personas

In order to properly target buyer personas, we must do research into who they are and what they need. These personas require information about the buyers like demographics, behavior, why they buy, and what they want to achieve.

Cater to Each Persona

As an example, Google Adwords, will work infinitely better when part of an overall digital strategy to begin the customer journey. However, many perceive it as hitting a home run and making a sale with one click. Often, that tactic is not crafted in a way that speaks to the prospect based on any notion of the ‘persona’ of the buyer being targeted. With an expert digital strategy, we send the visitor to a specific landing page designed just for them, rather than the home page of your website. If we know what we are trying to achieve, we can develop the digital strategy to best succeed and convert them to a customer.

The digital strategy will contain goals / targets / objectives against which progress will be measured. The strategy will usually cover a range of tactics which will be complementary to one another. This is due to prospects generally needing several touch points with your organisation before they will engage with you.

Targeting Specific Personas

How long does it take for a prospect to buy off you? How often does a customers make a repeat purchase? The answers to these questions can have a profound impact on the digital strategy best suited to you. As will the available resources you have for marketing and the skill levels of your people.

The best marketing method, based on hundreds of our clients' feedback is ‘word of mouth’. This will only get your business so far. What happens if you are not great at getting out and meeting people, word of mouth has its limits. The other problem, as consumers, we are all so dependent on Search and Social Media to find out things, you cannot ignore the positive effect a well-executed digital strategy can have on your business.

Only Worked Solutions



Rob is a highly talented digital strategist who is delivering a tailored solution to meet our business objectives and to unlock the internal talent we have within our organisation. After only a few months of Rob's mentoring we are already seeing massive improvements in engagement and outcomes from our digital activities and I am excited about the future possibilities in this space. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rob to any organisation wanting to take the next big step in their digital and social media strategy.

Stuart Charity

Executive Director - Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association


I recommend Rob as the 'go to guy' when it comes to marketing your name on Social Media. He walks his talk and he can give you the numbers to back it up. I thought I knew a few things but was surprised that Rob is so very switched on with online presence and marketing. Rob is very reliable, open and willing to help you understand as well as take on those online jobs that are so time consuming and difficult for the average business person. Rob gets results and that is what counts above and beyond anything else.

Terry Barridge DTM

Experienced Keynote Speaker - Coach


Rob presented a fantastic seminar this morning to 60 clients of Austbrokers Countrywide, and the feedback was amazing. Rob was very impressive, the knowledge Rob was able to impart was powerful and the learning was fantastic. I highly recommend Rob as a person to consider when thinking about building and improving your business in the 'online' space.

Mark O'Reilly

Director Austbrokers Countrywide


Brava has been a client of Robs for many years. He has helped us transition smoothly to new web platforms, change of URL and reviewed in detail our marketing/SEO strategies. He offers well thought out recommendations after taking the time to understand our business and culture. Rob provides research and results to back up his recommendations and works with our team extremely well taking into account our budget and any concerns. He has been a leader in his field for many years and gets results for us consistently. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rob.

Maxine Windram

CEO Brava Lingerie

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