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It Does not End with the Sale
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Where Ever Possible – Over Deliver on Your Promise.

The hardest sale to your customer is the usually the first one. The cost of selling to new customers compared to a existing customer is 5 to 10 times more. So after all that hard work of gaining their trust, don’t let them down. Make the experience as easy for them as possible, maybe even enjoyable.

We all know from our own experience when we’ve had good, bad or excellent customer experience. Think about the factors that made that experience great, what can you add to your product or service that will enhance the experience for your customers?

What has this got to do with Digital Marketing?

At the most basic level, if we can get your customers to say nice things about you on social media, we will increase the chances of new prospects seeing these comments and positive reviews. We will also increase your star ratings on sites like Google +.

However, we’ll be looking at ways in which technology can improve the experience as well.

  • Delivery Tracking

  • Self serving (especially out of business hours)

  • Help via live chat

  • Call tracking

  • FAQ compilation based on customer requests etc…

You might benefit from running a Forum for customers to solve their problems in using your products. The cost of sensors is plummeting as well, how can you use them to improve the customer experience. Eg. Heat maps of retail stores can determine peak times when you should employ more staff.

You need to see the whole picture. Digital marketing is one facet of an overall cohesive business plan. Tie all your departments together and you'll be better able to serve your customers, and over deliver on your promises.

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Rob is a highly talented digital strategist who is delivering a tailored solution to meet our business objectives and to unlock the internal talent we have within our organisation. After only a few months of Rob's mentoring we are already seeing massive improvements in engagement and outcomes from our digital activities and I am excited about the future possibilities in this space. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rob to any organisation wanting to take the next big step in their digital and social media strategy.

Stuart Charity

Executive Director - Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association


I recommend Rob as the 'go to guy' when it comes to marketing your name on Social Media. He walks his talk and he can give you the numbers to back it up. I thought I knew a few things but was surprised that Rob is so very switched on with online presence and marketing. Rob is very reliable, open and willing to help you understand as well as take on those online jobs that are so time consuming and difficult for the average business person. Rob gets results and that is what counts above and beyond anything else.

Terry Barridge DTM

Experienced Keynote Speaker - Coach


Rob presented a fantastic seminar this morning to 60 clients of Austbrokers Countrywide, and the feedback was amazing. Rob was very impressive, the knowledge Rob was able to impart was powerful and the learning was fantastic. I highly recommend Rob as a person to consider when thinking about building and improving your business in the 'online' space.

Mark O'Reilly

Director Austbrokers Countrywide


Brava has been a client of Robs for many years. He has helped us transition smoothly to new web platforms, change of URL and reviewed in detail our marketing/SEO strategies. He offers well thought out recommendations after taking the time to understand our business and culture. Rob provides research and results to back up his recommendations and works with our team extremely well taking into account our budget and any concerns. He has been a leader in his field for many years and gets results for us consistently. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rob.

Maxine Windram

CEO Brava Lingerie

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